The future

The Goodrich management is fired by the zeal to forever excel and the ability to have a vision in the ever-changing and dynamic shipping and logistics arena. Years of experience has enabled us predict the growth and direction of the group, for the future.

Year-on-year, all through the 18 years of our existence, we have been successful not only in identifying the areas to expand, but also to call upon resources to speedily implement these growth plans. No wonder Goodrich is today recognised as “ The Most Versatile Logistics Company” in India.

Very appropriately our slogan beautifully sums up who we are: “Our versatility in the sphere of Shipping and Logistics is limitless. Unexplored horizons still beckon us.”

The think tank at Goodrich is like a relentless machine churning out one good product after the other. Quite a few of them are unique in nature. Goodrich was one of the first to set up a third party chemical storage facility at Jebel Ali, and along with this  also set up a tank cleaning station, a dry chemical warehouse and an ISO tank storage facility. It is an ambitious project which will be kick-started during the course of this year and will be in full readiness in the later part of 2016.

Goodrich plans to expand its overseas office network during the course of 2015 to Saudi Arabia, Thailand and China. Towards the west, Goodrich is well on its way to establishing offices in UK and Europe.

It is expected during the course of this year, the plan to establish an office in the CIS will be fully implemented. Another area of activity which is expected to see perceptible growth during the course of this year will be the Goodrich NVOCC business. Herein a reorganisation is on the anvil, supported by sizeable fleet expansion. During the course of this year it is expected that the Goodrich NVOCC business will touch every corner of Asia.

In the Bulk Liquid segment, Goodrich ISO tank operations are expected to increase in presence, both in India as well internationally. Here again fleet expansion plans are in process and order placement is expected to be done soon. The same will be the case for the reefer container business. With the strategic take-overs, the custom broking as well as air cargo logistics companies, and dedicated manpower already in place, both these activities are expected to have geometric growth during the course of this year.

License extension and other statutory permissions have been carried out extensively in various Indian locations. The accent on US-bound sea and air cargo business is expected to multiply during the course of this year. To achieve this purpose, various offices in India are fully geared, as is the Goodrich office in USA.

Summarising the future, Goodrich is well on its way to achieve the goal of being a US $ 500 million company by 2020.


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