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Global freight forwarding

Goodrich Group’s global freight forwarding business is experiencing rapid advancement, marked by a dynamic increase in activity across all fronts. This division encompasses sea freight, air freight, and multi-modal transport, with virtually every location within the Goodrich network actively engaging in this fiercely competitive market.

The foundation in Shipping Liner operations has significantly contributed to the expansion of Goodrich’s freight forwarding capabilities on a global scale. Leveraging its extensive network of offices and agencies worldwide, Goodrich offers unparalleled global coverage. This reach has been further extended with the strategic acquisition of an Indian IATA-certified company, setting the stage for exponential growth in air freight services.

Goodrich’s strong relationships with major shipping liners, airlines, and other transport mode operators ensure access to optimal rates and services. These relationships, among other commendable qualities, underpin the success of Goodrich’s global freight forwarding endeavors.

However, Goodrich’s offerings go beyond merely providing competitive freight rates. The company specializes in delivering customized end-to-end logistics solutions, catering to the unique needs of each customer. This approach not only positions Goodrich as a valuable partner in the logistics chain but also as a key facilitator of seamless global commerce.

Custom Broking

With professional experience and understanding of product regulations, taxation practices and customs requirements, Goodrich always provides the fastest and most flexible customs clearance services to all customers.


It expanded geographically from a small presence in Mumbai to various ports and ICDs in India and overseas. Today Goodrich has a very strong presence in overseas locations like UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA, and a cumulative employee strength of 1000+ people. It is recognized by the Indian trade as “The Most Versatile and The Fastest Growing Logistics Company in India.



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