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Projects Cargo / Logistics & Heavy Lifts

For more than ten years, the Goodrich Group has executed Project Cargo Logistics through its specialized entity – initially Tricon Logistics, now rebranded as Goodrich Logistics Private Limited. Goodrich has earned a commendable reputation among a wide array of clients for its effectiveness in the Project Cargo Logistics sector, owing to its adeptness at fulfilling their unique requirements. Our clientele regards us as a reliable logistics ally, capable of provisioning equipment and vessels to accommodate cargoes of varied dimensions and configurations, destined for locations worldwide. Goodrich has consistently showcased this proficiency by managing comprehensive projects for globally acclaimed corporations.

“Passionate about projects” serves as the guiding principle for our Projects division. With this ethos, our global offices have time and again validated their crucial role in guaranteeing the secure, intact, and punctual delivery of project shipments. On numerous occasions, our services have extended beyond mere transportation, encompassing the dismantling and installation phases as well. 

Remarkably, within just a few months of starting operations, the Goodrich office in Kazakhstan has successfully managed several Project Cargo consignments, illustrating our capability and commitment to excellence in this field.


It expanded geographically from a small presence in Mumbai to various ports and ICDs in India and overseas. Today Goodrich has a very strong presence in overseas locations like UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA, and a cumulative employee strength of 1000+ people. It is recognized by the Indian trade as “The Most Versatile and The Fastest Growing Logistics Company in India.



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