NVOCC Services

tn_NVOCC 4 service


After its foray into liner shipping as
agents, Goodrich made very prudent
move to commence its own container

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Inland Transportation

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Goodrich has it’s trailers both owned &
leased, to provide door delivery, ex-works
services and empty container movement
to interior locations & terminal.

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LCL Consolidated Services

tn_LCL consolidation 4 service


This activity has been the crowning
glory of Goodrich for quiet a while now.
It not only has an international impact,
but is right now being domestically
promoted as well.

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Shipping Agency

tn_shipping 4 service


Goodrich has rich experience in liner and
tramp shipping. As liner agent, Goodrich
has a comprehensive presence in India,
the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and

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Reefer Cargo

tn_reefer 4 service


What started off modestly in 2001, has
grown to multiple proportions today.
A small fleet of 15 Teus of refrigerated
containers, has grown to over 400 Teus

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Project Cargo Logistics

tn_project car 4 service


For over a decade. the group has carried
out project cargo logistics through a
dedicated company. An impressive list
of customers found us to be very

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Over Dimension Cargo

tn_over dimension 4 service


There has recently been a high-velocity
growth in the group’s commitment
towards carriage of over-dimension

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Freight Forwarding

tn_freight 4 service


This activity is on the fast track,with
accelerated momentum. Goodrich
conducts business by activating sea &
air freight and multi-modal transport.

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tn_Warehousing 4 service


Since warehousing forms an integral part of any 3PL or 4PL activity, the
group has now embarked on identify
warehouses in Indian locations,
to augment its logistics services.

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Mutimodal Transportation

tn_multimodal 4 service


Both Goodrich Maritime Pvt. Ltd. and
and Goodrich Logistics Pvt. Ltd. are
registered as a multi modal transport operator by the Directorate General
of Shipping in India.

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CIS Afghanistan

tn_cisroadmap 4 service


Goodrich is always there to provide
value-added service to its customers.
One such unique terrain is the CIS,
comprising various states belonging
to the erstwhile Soviet Union.

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Air Freight

tn_air fright 4 service


With enormous success in ocean freight
and other multi-modal logistics,
Goodrich found it opportune late
last year, to foray into the Air
Freight segment.

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GCC Transportation

tn_GCC trans 4 service


The proximity of various countries &
their smooth accessibility by land
routes, many times proves to be a
timely and cost effective solution
to various customers within the
Arabian Gulf region.

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Chartering Vessel Operation

tn_chatering 4 service


The Goodrich is a very active player in
the areas of chartering and bulk vessel
operations. The activity commenced
just three years ago; since then over
30 shipments have been successfully

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Bulk Liquid Logistics

tn_Bulk  4 service


Recently at one of the Logistics Award
function in India, Goodrich was awarded
“The Bulk Liquid Logistics Provider” of
the year in the unitised segment.

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