CIS / Afghanistan

However challenging the terrain may be, Goodrich is always there to provide value supplemented services to its customers. One such unique terrain is the CIS, comprising various states belonging to the erstwhile Soviet Union.

Services have been extended to following destinations :

  • Azerbaijan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrghystan
  • Armenia
  • Russia

Goodrich has well-knit services to all these locations, comprising of multi-modal transport formats. Often, a combination of sea route, with road and rail connectivity is used.

Over the last couple of years, Goodrich has developed tremendous expertise in this particular logistics segment, and is amongst the market leaders in India. The Group also provides similar services from its overseas locations like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UAE.


Seamless Delivery of Cargo Through and Through the CIS Destinations

Another Goodrich USP is that we can offer competitive rates on an SOC (Stock and Debit) basis; ably supported by our own liner services. Our association with internationally renowned transport operators, each with their own individual strengths, gives us the ability to quickly and safely deliver cargo to the ultimate destination. Quite often traversing long winding routes, with unpredictable weather.

All routing options to the CIS are available to Goodrich. For example, through the Middle East, Finland, Latvia, Georgia, China, Pakistan and the Russian east coast.

Time and again, our proven, in-depth knowledge about multi-border clearances and diverse local laws, have held us in good stead.

In recent times Goodrich CIS services has climbed notches over the competition, by the setting up of Goodrich Central Asia, a company registered in the CIS and now operating out of Almaty and Atyrau.

Also to its credit are various offices set up in Afghanistan i.e., Kabul, Kandahar, Jalalabad & Mazar-i-Shariff which specializes in carriage of over-sized cargo across the challenging terrains, providing customer tailored transportation consultancy Custom clearance & heavy lift project engineering services among many others.


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