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CIS / Afghanistan

Goodrich consistently delivers value-added services, even in challenging terrains like the CIS, which includes the following locations

Goodrich provides comprehensive services across various locations, utilizing a mix of transport methods including sea, road, and rail. Over recent years, Goodrich has significantly enhanced its expertise in this sector of logistics, positioning itself as one of the leading providers in India. Additionally, Goodrich extends these services internationally, with operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the UAE.

A unique selling point of Goodrich is our ability to offer competitive rates on a Stock and Debit (SOC) basis, supported by our own Liner services. Our partnerships with globally recognized transport operators, each known for their specific strengths, enable us to efficiently and securely transport cargo to its final destination, often through complex and lengthy routes under variable weather conditions.

Goodrich has a wide range of routing options for the CIS, including pathways through the Middle East, Finland, Latvia, Georgia, and China. Our extensive experience and knowledge in dealing with multi-border clearances and various local regulations have consistently proven to be invaluable. 

Additionally, Goodrich has expanded its presence in the CIS region with the establishment of Goodrich Central Asia, operating out of Almaty and Atyrau, further strengthening its position in the logistics sector.


It expanded geographically from a small presence in Mumbai to various ports and ICDs in India and overseas. Today Goodrich has a very strong presence in overseas locations like UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA, and a cumulative employee strength of 1000+ people. It is recognized by the Indian trade as “The Most Versatile and The Fastest Growing Logistics Company in India.



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