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Supply Chain Solutions

Goodrich’s Chemical Logistics Services, a longstanding cornerstone of our operations, have gained international recognition and are now actively promoted within India. The Chemical Logistics Division at Goodrich has consistently secured awards as the ‘Best Bulk Liquid Logistics Service Provider’ in the Unitised Segment in India, underscoring the exceptional standards of our multi-product liquid logistics services. Covering a comprehensive range of facets, our services in India consistently surpass customer expectations, setting the bar high for excellence.

Our Chemical Logistics services shine with a dedicated 24/7 technical team, highly experienced and capable of providing trade consultancy and emergency response. Continuous innovation in Chemical Logistics products is a key feature, ensuring quality enhancements through thorough documentation, deliberation, and discussions with suppliers while maintaining competitive pricing. Regular training by internationally recognized experts is a hallmark, and our services are globally accessible. Goodrich stands out as the sole CDI-MPC compliant tank container operator in India, giving us a distinct edge in the industry.

Here is a list of Chemical Logistics services we provide:

  • Tanks Leasing
  • Agency Services for International ISO Tank Operators
  • In-house global ISO Tank Service
  • Shipper-owned ISO Tank Management
  • Leasing of ISO Tanks
  • Domestic Carriage of ISO Tank
  • ISO Tank Cleaning Services
  • Chemical Storage and Distribution
  • Food Grade ISO Tank Services
  • Supply and fit of Flexi Tanks – International and Domestic
  • Liquid Logistics Consultancy Services
  • Gas Tanks Leasing


It expanded geographically from a small presence in Mumbai to various ports and ICDs in India and overseas. Today Goodrich has a very strong presence in overseas locations like UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA, and a cumulative employee strength of 1000+ people. It is recognized by the Indian trade as “The Most Versatile and The Fastest Growing Logistics Company in India.



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