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Integrated chemical storage

The Goodrich Group proudly operates an expansive Integrated Chemicals Logistics Park, covering an impressive area of 23,000 square meters. This state-of-the-art facility is designed to offer a comprehensive suite of value-added services, emphasizing a holistic approach to logistics that encompasses more than just storage solutions. It caters to the intricate needs of customers by facilitating end-to-end logistics services, including the efficient handling, storage, and bulk breaking of chemical products.

The inland terminal is outfitted with a total of 18 multipurpose storage tanks, strategically designed to accommodate a diverse range of chemical substances. Of these, 17 tanks are constructed from durable carbon steel, renowned for its strength and versatility, while one tank is made from stainless steel, chosen for its resistance to corrosion and its suitability for storing more reactive chemicals. This mix of materials ensures that the facility can safely store a wide variety of chemical products under optimal conditions.

A notable feature of this facility is its specialized blending tank, which is engineered to mix two or more products. This capability is particularly valuable for customers requiring precise chemical formulations, allowing for the creation of custom blends to meet specific industry standards or production requirements.

The Goodrich Integrated Chemicals Logistics Park represents a significant investment in providing a seamless, integrated solution for the chemical industry, combining safe and secure storage options with flexible logistics and distribution services to support the supply chain needs of its customers comprehensively.


It expanded geographically from a small presence in Mumbai to various ports and ICDs in India and overseas. Today Goodrich has a very strong presence in overseas locations like UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand. Kazakhstan, Afghanistan and the USA, and a cumulative employee strength of 1000+ people. It is recognized by the Indian trade as “The Most Versatile and The Fastest Growing Logistics Company in India.



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