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Jubilant Industries’ Ajay Singh speaks to the Goodrich team

At Goodrich, we focus on supplying our customers’ excellence in services and products with the highest desire to gain total customer satisfaction, confidence, and enthusiasm.

In view of which we decided to interview one of our most valued customers, Ajay Singh, Manager Exports, Jubilant Industries, to gauge his feedback on the services being provided by Goodrich. We greatly appreciate the time taken by Ajay to provide us his valuable views.

1. Describe the nature of your business?

The company’s diversified portfolio includes a wide range of crop nutrition, crop growth and crop protection agri-products and Performance Polymers products comprising consumer products like adhesives, wood finishes; food polymers and latex such as Vinyl Pyridine, SBR and NBR latex. Our products are supplied across the U.S.A, Europe and Far East.

2. How long have you been associated with Goodrich Maritime Pvt. Ltd.?

We have been associated with your Company for over 10 years and now there’s no looking back.
3. What is the single most important benefit that you get from our services?

We are very pleased with the consistency in the quality of the products, i.e. both ISO & Flexi Tanks been provided by the company and also the reputation that Goodrich has with the liners.
4. As you look ahead into 2015, what are you personally most excited about in terms of your company’s growth?

We are definitely very excited about the coming year because we are expecting a growth rate of about 15-20 %, for which the management and staff has been putting in continuous efforts. We are going to be introducing new products and broadening our horizons geographically, and would hence be looking at utilising more Flexi-tanks of Goodrich.
5. What factors influence your decision to render services from our company?

The professional, systematic and polite approach of the staff is what sets the company apart from its competitors. Apart from that the rates provided have been very competitive. Our long association with Goodrich has been completely hassle free.
6. In the future, how do you seek to benefit from your association with our company?

We feel that the relationship will be mutually beneficial and long-term since we are planning to expand in the coming years.
7. Do you have any suggestions for improvement for both products and services?

Yes, indeed we do. It would be great if the company procured new products that are available in the market today; such as IBC Flexi’s and 40 ft. Tanks. In terms of services, we are fully satisfied.
8. Would you like to make a special mention about any employee/s of our company?

I have personally been interacting with Pradeep Nair, Uma Kannan and Sindhu Mehta for over 7-8 years now, and they have been very responsive and cooperative. Otherwise, like I mentioned earlier, the service provided by the Customer Service team and the Technical team has been very good.

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