Bulk Liquid Logistics

This activity has been the crowning glory of Goodrich for quite a while now. Besides having an international footprint, it is now it is being aggressively promoted in India as well.

The Goodrich Bulk Liquid Division has repeatedly won awards as the ‘Best Bulk Liquid Logistics Service Provider’ in the Unitised Segment in India. These awards were in recognition of the high standards of Goodrich’s multi-product liquid logistics services.


Goodrich Packages Liquid Better Than The Best


Practically all facets of these services are offered by Goodrich in India, to standards that surpass customer expectations:

  • Agency Services for international ISO tank operators
  • In-house global ISO tank service
  • Shipper-owned ISO Tank Management
  • Leasing of ISO tanks
  • Domestic carriage of ISO tank
  • ISO tank Cleaning Services
  • Chemical Storage and Distribution
  • Food grade ISO Tank Services
  • Supply and fit of Flexi tanks – international and domestic
  • Liquid Logistics Consultancy services
  • Gas Tanks Leasing

The highlight of our Bulk Liquid Logistics services, is the availability of an enormously knowledgeable and talented technical team, round the clock. Their years of experience has rendered them capable of  serving the trade in terms of consultancy and emergency response.

Another highlight is the constant evolution of Bulk liquid products. Every experience is clearly documented, deliberated and discussed with various suppliers, to enhance the quality of the product; yet at all times maintaining competitive pricing.


“The Reason we’re thick Skinned, we made it” – Braid Logistics

Regular training of our personnel by internationally recognised experts, is another Goodrich hallmark. Our Bulk liquid service products are available on a global basis.

Goodrich is the only tank container operator in India that is CDI-MPC compliant; giving the company a cutting edge amongst similar service providers.


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