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Goodrich has rich experience in liner shipping. The group runs its own NVOCC services and also acts as agents at various locations in Asia, not just for its own services, but also for other NVOCC operators and liners.

This activity was Goodrich’s first service offering, and continues to be of paramount importance not only in terms of revenue, but also integrates into and leverges the other activities of the group. As a liner shipping service provider, Goodrich has a comprehensive presence in India, the UAE, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. More countries have been earmarked, the prime amongst which are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Thailand and China.


In India, the Goodrich presence is all-encompassing; with the agency network covering all major ports and ICDs within India. This activity is conducted by Goodrich’s own offices. The container throughput of Goodrich in India has grown remarkably over the years. It currently stands at 50,000 TEUS annually. Goodrich has tremendous capabilities within its Liner Shipping agency to canvas, book and effectively handle cargo of various sizes and types, including Dry Vans, Reefers, Specials and ISO tanks.

All the equipment handled, is maintained to the principals’ accepted standards. Goodrich’s own M&R team keeps a 24×7 vigil over this activity. Quality depots chosen by Goodrich all over Asia, ably assist in this initiative.

Highly knowledgeable and motivated personnel in all vital departments like sales, customer service, operations, documentation and accounts, ensure absolute satisfaction among customers and principals alike.


More responsibly handled than our very own

Tramp Agency

Vessel husbanding at various port offices is carried out by Goodrich in India and the UAE. This will shortly be extended to other regions as well. Using its global network, Goodrich has developed excellent relations with various shipowners, who repose faith in the company to handle their vessels smoothly, with quick turnaround while at berth and with the most competitive of PDAs.

Services are also extended to world-renowned charterers, who are confident about Goodrich’s abilities to efficiently care for their interests. Not just in adroit handling of their chartered vessels, but also for comprehensive post-sailing formalities. Goodrich’s own reputation as a vessel owner and operator, has held the company in good stead, in this business venture.


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