NVOCC Operations

After its foray into Liner Shipping as agents, the Goodrich Group made a very prudent move to commence its own container services. This  was at a time where major liner operators were setting up their own agency outfits, to augment their income. This move immediately proved to be strategic, and was backed by the commencement of the NVOCC operation, by Vasco Maritime, a company registered at Singapore.


Determined, dedicated, dutiful –  years of service across Asia

This segment grew in geometric proportions over the years, providing impetus to the Group’s Liner Agency activity as well. From a few port-to-port sectors, the NVOCC business was expanded to cover the whole of Asia. This made it imperative for Goodrich to open several of their own offices in India, as well as overseas. The impressive growth results in this area, gave the Goodrich Group a negotiating edge in many related cost areas.

As the Vasco Maritime NVOCC business grew strategically, Goodrich was in a position to commence NVOCC services for other Group companies as well. The growth of these new service ventures complemented the existing one and further added to volume growth. What started off as our Dry Van (DV) based NVOCC services, expanded to other specialised equipment like Reefers, Flat Racks and Open Tops, which were added on.

Keeping in mind the fast-changing freight scenario globally, Goodrich Management thought it fit to integrate their NVOCC business into distinctive equipment-based services. While Vasco Maritime has been earmarked for DV operations, Goodrich Maritime LLC will be exclusively operating special equipment only. Personnel have been dedicated to render undivided attention to each of these companies’ individual growth needs.

Cumulatively, the Dry Van fleet of the Group companies exceed 12,000 TEUS, and the increments are guarded keeping in mind industry conditions. To maintain a high degree of safety consciousness about the NVOCC activity of the Group, regular training of our personnel as well as agents is carried out, on various aspects of safety and appropriate documentation, to emerge as a quality service provider.

All the equipment and the Bills of Lading used are adequately covered by leading insurance companies.


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